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Rome Pilgrimage

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Our Parishioners Fiona and Marta from Our Lady and St John the Baptist in Ellon, are embarking on their spiritual journey and Pilgrimage to Rome and the Vatican in two weeks time. Orgainised by Fr Domenico of St Columba RC Church in Culloden.

His well oiled knowledge of Rome will match the Exciting intinerary he has orgainised for the 12 people embarking on this Pilgrimage.

They kindly request if anyone would like prayer intentions or candles lite for them while they are on their Pilgrimage to contact the website, Facebook, or list in the Church.

With a visit to St Peter's square in Rome on the menu.

The Basilica in Rome is truly a manificent sight. A feeling of serenity is the order of the day when you go inside!

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