How to book your Tickets Online


Go to the Homepage at www.Ourladyandstjohnthebaptist.com  Scroll by the Safety Information to the booking button.


Press book tickets online once. The booking system allows you 20mins to book, have all your details ready in advance.



Pick the Mass you want and press the button once.

Check you have picked the right ticket, Scroll down and it tells you about the event.


Put in the number of Tickets you want. Click checkout once. Keep an eye on your time!


Add your Name and email, press continue once. Be mindful of your time left to book.



The next box asks if buyers details are the same, you will tick it and fill in your phone details and address.

If you have ordered two tickets you will need to fill in ticket 2's details. We need everyone who has ordered so we have a record.  After this press continue it takes you to your Ticket, where you have the option to print it. 


An email confirmation will already have been sent. Hooray you are now booked!

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