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Pluscarden Gallery 2022

Photos by Fiona Kilpatrick September 29th 2022

Pluscarden Retreat Update 29th September - 1st October


Five members of our Parish Jo, Marta, Martin, Mike and myself have just returned from a two day retreat at Pluscarden.  We sure were blessed with great weather, blue skies most of the time.  It was a first ever retreat for Marta and myself and it definitely won’t be our last.  When we arrived at the Ladies Quarters, we were met with such kindness by Rita who showed us where everything was, there are 10 guest rooms and it was a full house  The other ladies came from all over Scotland and all different denominations. My goodness, everyone was so kind and really very happy.  Sorry to say us Ladies never made the 4-30am Vigils or 6-15amLauds, but Mike and Martin did.  On Friday the five of us did make the “None” at 2-30pm  and after this was finished (it was such a beautiful day) we all went an absolutely gorgeous walk up by the forest.  When we were walking we did our Rosary, it was so special.  There was such an abundance of colour all around us.  A little tip if you are going to stay in the Ladies Quarters, take earplugs 😂😂 you can hear everything, someone even fell out of their bed -  Thud!!!(not us).

Honestly it’s been an absolutely amazing experience, gives you so much peace.

God bless.

Photos by Fiona Kilpatrick June 2022

Pluscarden pilgrimage: was on the 26th June 2022: Bishop Hugh  extended an invitation to all parishioners. Parishioners were encouraged to bring their own picnics; however, refreshments were available from 12pm in the refreshment’s tent. At the conclusion of the Mass, led by Bishop Hugh, there was  a Marian procession to the garden in front of St. Benedict’s retreat, The Parishioners had a great time and Fiona from Our social committee took some photos of the day.

Pluscarden: Gallery

Pluscarden Pilgrimage Photos by Alan Christie

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