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Photos of Memories through the years
at Our Lady and St John the Baptist!

Gallery of Christmas tree and crib decoration 2021

Picture of Christmas Tree and Crib decoration 2021

Photo ablum

Pictures of Church Coffee Morning December 2021

Fr Ray's Memorial Mass

Fr Ray's Memorial Mass 19th of September 2021

Gallery photo of The Butler Family

Gene and Robbie Butler and their two boys.

Rosie & Alan

Rosie and Alan where a part of the Parish before they retired from their duties.

Fr Peter's Ordination

Fr Peter's Ordination with Bishop Hugh

Quiz Night 2015

Church Quiz Night Social Event

Deanery Walk Stonehaven

Deanery walks through the years


Sister Vera 80th Birthday

Coffee Morning at Buchan Hotel

Sister Vera's coffee morning when she was visiting from Ireland.

Barbecue for Fr Rays 80th

Barbecue for Fr Rays 80th

Ladies Group

Ladies Group events through the years.

100th Birthday Tea for Eva.

Eva's Woodward 100th Birthday Tea.

Gerry and Kev cutting their cake.

Gerry and Kev's Good luck Coffee Morning.

Fr peter's 70th birthday, blowing out his candles.

Fr Peter's 70th birthday tea.

SVP with Fr Peter

St Vincent de Paul

Pluscarden Procession

Pluscarden Abbey Procession with some of our parish members.

Parish members were at St Andrews 700th Anniversary.

St Andrew's 700th Anniversary.

Easter Barbecue 2014

Church barbecues through the years.

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