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Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen Health & Safety Policy Statement of Intent

Roman Catholic Diocese of Aberdeen Health & Safety Policy Statement of Intent: The motto of the Diocese of Aberdeen is 'Together in Christ'.

This is particularly true when it comes to our Diocesan Health and Safety Policy. Each one of us — clergy, religious, and laity — is bound to take reasonable steps to ensure that we, and those around us, are kept safe and secure. as Bishop of Aberdeen, together with the Trustees, clergy, and employees of this Diocese, have specific responsibilities towards our congregations, our visitors, and the contractors employed by us; we are fully committed to providing a safe environment for all people, whether they are on Diocesan premises or are involved in Diocesan events. As well as our legal obligations, we have a moral and ethical duty of care to put the health and welfare of all people at the very forefront of all that we do.

This is at the very heart of the mission and identity of the Church, As Pope Francis reminds us, "The principle of the centrality of the human person obliges us to always prioritise personal safety". This H&S Policy Statement is part of a Health and Safety Management System which will be created and implemented throughout the Diocese to ensure that as far as is reasonably practical we shall: Ensure that all our Clergy, Parish Priests and Laity implement and follow this Management System in their Parishes or other areas of responsibility. Meet the requirements of all relevant H&S legislation as a minimum. Provide health and safety information, training, supervision and instruction to all our clergy employees and volunteers.

Consult with our clergy, employees and volunteers and other relevant persons on matters affecting their health and safety. Identify all Hazards in our Churches and Buildings and create and implement suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments to control these hazards to ensure that they are as safe as is reasonably practical. Ensure that all Plant (electrical equipment) is tested and maintained to ensure that it is safe. Ensure that there is adequate and sufficient provision for First Aid and Fire prevention and control in all our Churches and Buildings. Provide suitable and sufficient welfare facilities (e.g. male and female toilet facilities, hot and cold running water and drinking water). Communicate this Health & Safety Policy to all employees, volunteers and others who need to be made aware of it.

Formally review this Policy on an annual basis or after an Incident to ensure that it is still adequate for our needs Set Goals and Objectives to monitor the progress of the H&S Management System and formally review them with the Diocesan Management Team on an annual basis. See noticeboard for poster.

The Right Reverend Hugh Gilbert OSB Bishop of Aberdeen

Health and Safety Policy Statement.

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