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NET Youth Retreat

On Saturday 13 January 2024 10.30am-17.15pm The Immaculate Conception Parish are hosting a 1-day retreat for youth - P6 to S6+ on Saturday 13 January 2024. It’s being led by the world-famous National Evangelisation Team (NET). Their mission is: Inspiring young people

to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. In a world where there are countless distractions, adolescents today have become disconnected from their faith. That’s why at NET Scotland we are passionate about evangelising through witnessing faith, sharing hope and inspiring young people.

“NET Scotland is exactly what we need to bring the faith to life among our young people. The young missionaries are inspiring and credible witnesses of faith to their peers. The Gospel is presented in a contemporary yet authentic way, inviting young people to love Christ and His Church” - Archbishop Leo. The average age of the NET team is approximately 20. They have taken a year out of their lives to visit Scotland and work with youths in central

Scotland. On Saturday 13 January 2024 we have persuaded them to visit Aberdeenshire. They relate so well to young people. Their retreats are really a shockingly enjoyable and a memorable experience. It’s not to be missed.

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