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Letting Faith Guide You from Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction By Camille Johnson

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Arranging your life in accordance with the will of our Creator is a key to overcoming mental health issues associated with depression, anxiety, and addiction. Through alternative methods which encourage wellness and spiritual obedience, you can successfully navigate your struggles. Seek these changes to be at peace in your new, clean lifestyle.

Treat your Whole Being

We often think of depression and addiction as a physical or mental failing. Rather, it’s a sickness of one’s whole being. It is a gradual erosion, with the person becoming increasingly dependent on negative thoughts, worry, or even a substance to attempt to fill a void. Therefore, recovery requires that a person treat the whole being and not neglect any aspect thereof. By learning a new, complete and full lifestyle, those suffering from a variety of mental issues can successfully recover and navigate future challenges.

Refocus Your Mind

Some scientific research indicates immersing oneself in consistent pursuit of spiritual enlightenment is essential to successful recovery, and relying on the Higher Power provides structure and focus to one’s days. Prayer is shown to help navigate stress, promote a more optimistic outlook, increase hopefulness, and add to one’s feelings of well-being and security.

Some suggest that through meditation and seeking God’s Will, your perception clears and your understanding of generosity and love, including the forgiveness of oneself, are enhanced. Through spiritual engagement, you can receive a physical response. You experience the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain, which can help recover from the negativity posed by depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Work is Important

From the book of Genesis, the Bible has treated work as a gift from God. Work holds us accountable and allows us to give back to our fellow man. When working a traditional job isn’t feasible due to time constraints, home-based businesses are an excellent alternative. These “gig jobs” allow for flexibility and less stress, so that recovery can move forward and healing can begin.

Refocus Your Body

Pursuing a lifestyle of obedience means avoiding overindulgence. By training our bodies toward healthy pursuits instead of making decadent decisions is in accordance with God’s Will. For instance, the American Holistic Health Association notes that addicts benefit from embracing a healthy nutrition and physical fitness program, and that can be just as beneficial to those struggling with depression. God can use your consumption of nutritious foods to strengthen your body’s immune system, improve your outlook and mood, restore the body’s balance and function, and augment the natural process of detoxification during recovery. It’s possible to get one-on-one counseling to learn how your diet can affect your recovery.

Through exercise, God can improve recovery in several important ways. Exercise can enhance one’s mood, improve the quality of sleep, add to one’s energy level, and reduce stress. Since exercise teaches patience and motivation, it can encourage one to look at one’s life in new, positive ways.With regular exercise, you also provide a healthy outlet for negative emotions. Dance, kickboxing, and yoga are great ways of releasing pent-up feelings. Remember that if you work out at home, it’s important to keep your exercise space free of clutter. Believe it or not, clutter can actually cause a spike in your anxiety levels, which can work against both your exercise routine and your addiction recovery.

Ask For Help

It’s important for recovering addicts to engage professional assistance in designing a recovery program. Start by going online and researching nearby treatment services. It’s also wise to speak with your doctor before embarking on your search. While treating the whole person and relying on our Creator are keys, the guidance of a counselor or behavioral therapist are necessary for establishing your new path. Avoid attempting treatments and recovery on your own. Instead, let someone teach you and lead you through the journey.

Trust God

Treating an addiction must be a whole-person experience. For success, one must treat the mind, body, and soul. With the help of our Creator and a well-planned recovery program, you can find balance in your life.

If you’re searching for a beacon of hope and a place of love, joy, and acceptance, visit Our Lady and St John the Baptist today. Thank you to our guest speaker Camille Johnson at Bereaver

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