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Updated: Jan 1

Gaza Appeal: You will be aware of the tragic news regarding the murder of Christians at the Catholic Church of the Holy Family in Gaza, where over 500 Palestinian Christians are taking refuge, cared for by two Rosary Sisters of Jerusalem and three Sisters of Mother Teresa.

For further information, please consult our charity’s Gaza Appeal page We are in regular direct contact with Sister Sophie Hattar, Superior General of the Rosary Sisters of Jerusalem, and with the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem, and so we are receiving daily reports about the desperate situation at the Holy Family Church. Over the past week, when firewood could be found, families were keeping warm and heating their meagre rations on a makeshift bonfire. But now the parish has virtually run out of food, water and fuel.

The children are hungry and traumatised. Many of the families are too frightened to sleep inside the parish buildings at night-time and remain in their cars in the parish compound. We would be most grateful for any support that parishes can offer FACE’s mission in Gaza by donating proceeds from their Christmas Collection to our Christmas Emergency Appeal.

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